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The Midlands of England, as the name suggests, occupy the central part of the country and of all the great Midlands cities there is one which occupies the dead centre and that is Coventry. As a result, the city is well connected to its Midlands neighbours, such as Leicester, and Birmingham and to the country as a whole. The perfect spot for doing some business, there are many options for leisure too and the Coventry hotels are well established in providing hospitality for high visitor numbers regardless of the purpose of their visit.

The city has an incredible history and at one point during the mediaeval age was one of the richest cities in Europe. The great wealth achieved in clothing and textiles has been replaced by new technology industries and much of the ancient architecture replaced by post war developments which have worked surprisingly well. The most notable modern building in the city is perhaps the Cathedral, which with its modernist visual appeal and steel spire is an unusual and attractive take on such ecclesiastical structures. Some historic buildings remain but most Coventry hotels will make the most of the modernist philosophies so inherent in the city.

Modern hotels are designed to meet the demands of the modern world and with a welcoming attitude to business and conferences in the city; many will have an array of meeting spaces and other facilities for visitors to conduct business during their stay. Wired and wireless internet connectivity is commonplace and there is often areas dedicated to computer use. There may also be secretarial and courier services available and within the guest suites there will be work spaces, the latest communications technology in telephone systems and satellite televisions which in addition to offering access to entertainment and movie channels will provide a source for business and financial information.

It's not all work in the city of course and there are a great many options for leisure visitors. A city with a great reputation for live music, there are various venues in which to enjoy all manner of live performances and musical genres. Some of these venues are associated with Coventry hotels and there are pubs and inns which combine comfortable accommodation with entertainment, great pub food and lively local bars. Add to this the rich cultural spectacle of many international restaurants, shops, and clubs and the popularity of the city becomes immediately evident.

Certainly a multicultural centre, the city retains a unique identity, largely helped by being self-contained by surrounding green belt and on one side the M6 Motorway. This all-inclusive appeal and convenient central location means most of the attractions in the city are easy to access from Coventry hotels wherever they are located. It also means they form an ideal base from which to experience all the culture and history of the wider Midlands area and some of the fantastic rural aspects beyond.

Grand luxury hotels will have a certain appeal for those who enjoy such luxuries but there are many smaller hotels in the city too and they have a whole different kind of appeal. A cost effective option for a short break they will often have special rates for longer term stays, ideal for those with work commitments in the area. Extensive hotel leisure features are great when you have them but there are plenty of options for spending leisure time in the city for those with a budget for basic hotel accommodation.

The choice of Coventry hotels is impressive and it is a city which does hospitality very well regardless of the size and style of the property. Ultimately that choice is yours and there is sure to be the ideal option available here.